Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why 'Plans' do not work...

If one is a careful reader, and/or really does follow us that close, you might guess we are not in Anacortes.  (After all, our simple camera is not THAT good to be able to capture float planes in and out of Friday Harbor from there...).

Whats up?  Despite our 'Planned Departure' as told here:  something changed.  As a result, we did not depart for Anacortes.  Planed or not.  My computer packed it in late Friday, too late to do anything about until Monday.  On Monday we ordered a replacement - and it will arrive Thursday.

We DID depart on April 1st, but not for Anacortes.  Instead we moved a couple of hundred yards and are anchored in cove between the Port of Friday Harbor, and the WSU station.

Still looking to get into Canada soon, our current 'intention' is to head over Friday.  But that might change from Weather.

Yes, Plans do not work.  Or, perhaps it is just better to be flexible and be thankful we are in a position to do so.

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