Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Abundant Wildlife

One of our favorite things about cruising in the Pacific Northwest is the abundant wildlife.

And I have to tell you, I am REALLY appreciating my 'new eyes'!  Today I spotted an eagle atop a tree along the shore of Salt Spring Island, and Al said, 'You've become the eagle-eye at spotting eagles!'

Well, HE was the first one to spot the Orcas yesterday morning as we moved across Cowichan Bay to Genoa Bay.  We immediately put the engines in neutral, and I was amazed how LOUD their breath sounds were across the water!

We were hoping to watch them leisurely, but a small boat came from the opposite shore and moved very quickly to where we had seen the whales surfacing.  'Poof!'  No appearance for a long time, long enough for the small boat to lose patience and move on.

Since we are so slow, we did see the whales coming up again, and we able to watch for a bit.  We believe it was a daddy, mama, and baby.  The best shot here, we think this shows the mama.

I found this heron on the dock at Genoa Bay Marina.

And just because I am thrilled at every eagle sighting, and we had such a close 'drive-by' this time, I felt three shots were justified.  It kept a close eye on us, over-the-shoulder. 

Our approach

Yes, I see you there....

Yeah, go on, get out of here now.

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