Saturday, April 6, 2013

Something New

Yesterday we did something new!

Well, the first new thing we did was take Viking Star away from Friday Harbor!  We have called the past week 'The Long Goodbye'!  We anchored in Parks Bay the night before, and then went to the Port to pick up that last package, and we ran into a couple of our friends.  Jim and Caris have recently moved onto their sailboat, and we have enjoyed visiting with NEIGHBORS, trading stories and laughs.

And just as we turned to head back to Viking Star, our dog friend Ted ran up for a last pat, along with his person Rick.

Then we made for Reid Harbor on Stuart Island.  Even though it was cloudy, it was a gorgeous crossing with glossy water, my favorite next to glassy.

Most of the year, Speiden is very brown, but she was a beautiful green this Spring day.  Many of her exotic residents were basking and grazing on the south side, as we passed between Speiden and Sentinel Island.  THAT is the new thing we did.  We had never been through that particular passage before.

Sentinel Island was homesteaded by June Burn and her husband.  I have a copy of her book "Living High", about their life in the San Juan Islands.  She was instrumental in making Jones Island a marine park.  And Sentinel Island now has a NWR designation.

We haven't cried THIS for quite some time....Jesus Birds!!!

Sentinel on the left, Speiden on the right, Canada beyond!

Spring Green!

The pink circle is the boat, and the pink line is our projected path.

Speiden is known for its exotic animals.

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