Monday, April 22, 2013

Lunchtime Entertainment

Today's forecast is the best day for the next week, as far as sunshine, though it is supposed to get a few degrees warmer toward the end of the week.

After breakfast, dishes, and showers, we pulled anchor and moved toward the spot Al scouted on the chart a few days ago.  I kept the helm out of little Royal Cove, and headed north/northwest toward Prevost Island.      It was definitely the longest spell I've been at the wheel since we left Friday Harbor, and it was good to get a bit reacquainted with wind and waves, set and drift.

We dropped the anchor again in Glenthorne Passage behind Secret Island, on the SW corner of Prevost Island.  For San Juan boaters -- it reminds me of a tiny Reid Harbor!  I took a couple of quick pictures, and set to making my curry chicken spread for lunch.

Secret Island, looking towards Ganges.

It's very 'park-like' here.

Just as I was putting our plates on the table, I heard an eagle cry.  Soon, he moved closer.  And then ---- he began fishing!  I wish I had a better camera and better skill to capture those dives!  At least five times, but no success.

The closest I got to clicking a dive, kind of an abstract photo fail, but look at that perfect fan of a tail!

To show how close he was.  All dives took place between the boat and this tree on shore.

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