Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cost to Cruise: March 2013

Am a little late posting March's cost due to my computer packing it in late Friday - LATE Friday, past when I could do anything about it.  But Ebay found me a replacement, I  just swapped out the HDD and am back up running today.  So, here are the costs:

Click on image for  a larger version.
Notable:  We took on fuel, and were surprised to say it looks like we used less than we expected this winter!  Last year we 'burned through' around 85 Gals/month, while this winter comes out to more like 25.

Wow, the reason?

We used the Dickinson much less this year, relying on the Hurricane hydronic heater to warm things up in the morning and the electrics to carry us through the day.  This worked well, and you can see the savings in fuel costs!    We did light the Dickinson on those really cold and wet days - and it still is sooooo nice to come to a warm and dry boat.

 Solar continued to do well, bringing in 79Ah/day on average vs. the modeled 66.

Medical was high this month, but that is largely because we did a yearly payment for our new IMG policies.   Almost the EXACT coverage as the old Life-wise, and about 20% the costs.  But it does require we leave the USA for 6 months or more out of a year.  Hence - Canada!  And Personal included stocking up on a years worth of 'supplies'.  (Well worth it I will say).

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