Friday, April 12, 2013

Butchart Gardens

My favorite kind of post -- where I just post lots of pictures with captions!  And of course, the pictures didn't post in the order I selected them, and there are so many that I won't bother to move them around, which I find rather difficult to edit in blogspot.  

The iconic view of the Sunken Garden.  Note the Trees of Life (arbor vitae) on the left, and the Old Chimney on the right.

The Sunken Garden is in the old limestone quarry.

There was sun, AND rain...

The view around 1907?, Tod Inlet on the left with the wharf, the gardens will be at the center of the photo.

We found our wedding colors!

Garden maintenance is constant, but this seemed a little  out of the ordinary!

I'm not sure I've seen an Orca on a carousel before!  Butchart dogs Winston and Bella were also featured.  That's Bella behind the orca.

The view across the Italian Garden, to the entrance to the Dining Room, where we had a superb lunch

Al was especially amazed by the hedges.  We were told the largest free-standing hedge in North America is here -- it's not this one.

Captured raindrops

I can see our dinghy at the dock on the left.  This is the Butchart Cove access to the garden.  An employee came for us on a golf cart and brought us to the visitor center to begin our visit.

In the Japanese Garden, the bamboo would fill and dump with a thump!

One of our favorite paths, with one of my favorite people upon it.

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