Monday, April 15, 2013

Views of Paradise

We have enjoyed our time here at the very end of Finlayson Arm of the Saanich Inlet.

We had thought this area would be quite remote and peaceful, but it turns out we could hear road noise!  The major highway of Vancouver Island, Highway 1, passes just over our heads.  It IS mostly blocked from our view, but if you are looking at just the right time, you can see trucks through the leaves.

Small boats come and go, and crabbers check their pots.  A large boat left the small marina for a day trip yesterday -- they were back in the afternoon.

Lucy even left her nest on Saturday night!  We saw a goose flying in towards her rock, and we thought it was her mate checking in, but it went to the top of the rock instead of into the water.  My research tells me that she must still be in the 'laying' stage, when they may leave the nest in the evening.

We have been watching/listening to a gang of sea lions this weekend.  I told Al we were watching the circle of life, but I wasn't sure exactly what point it was -- mating? birth and swimming lessons for young? simple feeding?

Goldstream IS a spawning creek for salmon.  This morning I saw two seals feeding just below Lucy's rock -- she was keeping an eye on them too!  Mostly they were playing with smaller fish, but there was one that was big enough for the two of them to share.  I think their mother didn't teach them to chew their food properly -- one was hacking and coughing with his mouth wide open -- and I could imagine him saying, 'Fishbone!'

I'll leave you with a few shots of the area:

The small marina south of us, with Goldstream Creek going up from the left.  The fog rolled in on Saturday night.

Sawluctus, a personal island.  

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