Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cost to Cruise - June 2013

Soooo late:  Kristi and I have been back in Minnesota for her folks 60th anniversary, and we just are getting back into the Boating Life.  And wow, I know 'back at the farm' it is a small town, but without exception we got the "Oh, you are the Boat people".   Famous in Storden!

OK, to the costs.  June was a bit of a mix, a bit of Canada, and a mix of us spending several days in Friday harbor were we not only went to the favorite haunting grounds, but also stocked up A LOT on things we could not find in Canada:  Van Camp Pork'N'Beans, Ground Sausage, Wine under $10 that was actually drinkable, Scotts Single Ply TP (and I still worry that 3x 12-packs might be cutting it thin, Kristi gives me the eye..)  Kristi had a final follow up for her eye's (they are looking great, both says the Doc and I).  We picked up a steel propane tank to replace one of our 'You are carrying a bomb' composite LiteCylinder tanks (will replace the other once we empty it), and we turned on the Verizon MiFi (a bit of double billing for a few weeks between Verizon and Telus).  So, without any more build up (err, excuses), there is June:

Solar is up on its legs with 162Ah/day (we did not purchase any shore power while parking the boat during our trip back to Minnesota), and with that the 18 hours on the Generator is a bit surprising.   I chalk it up to that  oh-so-easy start button now on the dash.  It just to easy to flip it when doing Laundry and then let the generator continue to run topping off the batteries it a slow idle...   As justification: I know the batteries are SO much happier getting a FULL charge as opposed to the cruiser typical 80% topping off...

In the end June was not too bad.  But hold onto your hats for July: we topped off the fuel tanks before heading back to Canada.  And as you can see, we put a lot of miles on the main engine in June...

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