Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love, Honor, and Cherish

On July 5, 1953, Maynard Ernest Johnson and Ellen Marie Johnson (yes, that was her maiden name too) took the vows to begin their marriage.

And 60 years later, many family and friends came together to mirror that love.  Here are some scenes from the celebration, by photographers Amy Dahlhoff and Chelsey Johnson.

The happy couple

The original wedding party is still complete!  Arlon Johnson was Best Man, and Millie Horsman was Maid of Honor (her husband Neil is also seated)

The memory table
Cake for everyone!
Mom and Dad
Gary and wife Julie
(Royce died at birth)
(Gwen died in 2008)
Kristi and husband Al Thomason
Dean and wife Elizabeth
Amy and husband Mike Dahlhoff
With all the grandkids who were able to be there:
Chelsey and April Johnson, Megan Dahlhoff, Melissa Aiello, Amber Stowe,  and Adam, Ethan, Aaron, Austin, and Jacob, who are all Johnsons
All of my nephews gathered to sing 'The Wedding Song' for their grandparents and guests

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