Saturday, July 20, 2013

Having a 'Wild Thyme'!

Regular readers know that one of our favorite things to do is visit coffee shops.  'Wild Thyme' at Lyall Harbour on Saturna Island, BC is one of the most original we have come across.  The coffee is excellent!  We also approve of the Peach-Coconut muffins, and the salami/havarti sandwiches.  (The gluten free cookies, not so much.  But even the Grumpy Cat disapproved of them.)

A double-decker bus!

Chloe is an excellent barista.  They are looking for more employees, but you must fit a height restriction!  Their ceiling is only 5' 7"

This sign at the stairway to the upper level had me singing along

Comfy cushions, but the heater is not needed today!

All the BEST coffee shops have a take-one-leave-one bookshelf!

Sunny day, upper level, above the kitchen -- the fan helps, but much too hot for comfort today
We have visited the bus twice already, and we like the area so much we are staying another day.  We found the Anglican Church (St. Christopher's), where there will be a non-denominational service tomorrow morning.  (The bus is on the way!)  AND the island library is in the basement of the church.  We stopped in on our way to the General Store.

Saturna Island has only 300 residents, and perhaps fewer than that during the winter.  But everyone we have come across has been very friendly!

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