Monday, July 1, 2013

Microship Launch

Finally, here are photos from the Microship launch we participated in last Wednesday.  This is a project of Steven Roberts, and you can read more about him and his projects at

We were running late, so we missed the very beginning of this journey.  But we intercepted the parade near Market Place.  Even though it was mid-week, I think it was very wise to avoid Spring Street!

Curiosity was generated the whole way!  This tough guy had his Harley jacket on.  

Steve walked backwards the whole way, steering with the handle, and applying brakes with muscle.

Down the hill and past the Hungry Clam, we can see the water now!

Down the main dock and to the crane!

'Wings' folded down, wheels retracted, sling and guidelines attached....

... and UP she goes!

Al is ready to intercept.

She floats!

And Al takes her away to a low dock where the mast can be stepped.

Iwo Jima was mentioned during this process

Look at that grin!

She REALLY looks like a microship next to Elwha.

Around the breakwater

And to her new home!

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