Friday, June 28, 2013


I've been a bad girl!

We've covered a lot of ground since my last post.  We're even in another country since then!

A week ago we left our anchorage on the west side of Sidney Island, Canada and crossed to Roche Harbor to check back into the US.

Roche Harbor Marina allows a temporary tie for short visits to the resort, so we went up to the Lime Kiln Cafe for what we call 'cheeseburgers in paradise', and to replenish salad fixings at the Company Store.  We anchored for the night and went back to the dock the next morning for coffee and donuts.

Then off to Friday Harbor!  We spent several days visiting friends, having coffee at The Bean, and more cheeseburgers at Herbs.  Whew!  Lots of 'junk' to walk off, but we DID plenty of walking too -- to church, several trips to the grocery, an eye appointment, and to pick up packages from friend Steve who graciously has been our 'depot'.

Then there was the big walk we took with Steve and his microship, from his lab near the airport to its new slip at the Port of Friday Harbor.  But that deserves its own post.

At present I am writing from Port Ludlow, on our trip down the Sound to Bremerton, where we will visit my son Micah, and where we leave the boat for other travel next week.

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