Monday, June 10, 2013

Bakery Boat???


Kristi and I are in Montague Harbor again, and this time at the ‘beginning’ of the Season (we are here after the 3-long after all!)   So, where is the Boat?   The Bakery Boat?   Found a photo of her on Flicker, know what to look for.  But even though there are about 50 boats anchored around here, no  Bakery Boat.

Kind of feeling like Marvin the Martian from the Old Bugs Bunny cartoons:   “Where is the ka-Boat?  There was supposed to be an edalicious ka-Boat!”

Oh Well, to the marina.  Perhaps the Ice Cream stand is open now.  (They were painting it last time we came through).  And maybe the Pub-bus is up (we walked last time..)

Update:  Found their BLOG:   Hum...  Nothing posted since last Fall...

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