Monday, June 3, 2013

Highlights of the Past Week

We met Dave and Sandra last year in the San Juan Islands.  Now that we were in THEIR stomping grounds, they picked us up from the Sky Train, showed us around, and took us to their house for dinner.

Deneen drove us and another friend, Ilyssa, to Whistler on Monday.  It was fun to stroll the shops, have lunch, and choose some teas from David's Tea.  The rain held off until the ride home, but then it was REALLY wet.

Tuesday morning we hung out on the boat, hoping for the rain to ease up.  It did, a little bit, so we ventured out to Downtown Vancouver to retrieve my jacket that I forgot at the coat check at the fabulous restaurant Evan and Deneen took us to on Sunday evening.  Then I visited cosmetics counters at the Hudson's Bay Company while Al hung out at an Irish Pub.  Wednesday the weather was better for a big provisioning trip.

Thursday afternoon we headed out and powered through the narrows.  In False Creek we got very urban views.  Here in North Vancouver, it was more industrial.

A pile of BRIGHT yellow stuff.  Sulfur.  Wikipedia tells me that it is a by-product of refining petroleum products, and there IS a refinery here.

After we pass, we hear this ship radio its departure.  Notice Vancouver's own 'space needle', Harbour Centre.
 We anchor at Port Moody, at the east end of Burrard Inlet.

A beginners (?) sail class, being towed back to the dock.  They are SO cute!
We dinghy to shore to explore and have lunch, finally deciding on the Fish and Chips stand near the dock.  The ravens and a goose give us the eye, and one raven even makes a move when Al gets up for a napkin, even though I am still sitting right there.

Shoreline Park has nice trails.  Oh.  The bears think so too.

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