Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Three Hour Tour

I need to get this post in here before moving on to our latest adventure (we are still decompressing from THAT).

On Saturday we left Port Moody, entered Indian Arm, went around the hook to Bedwell Bay.  Perhaps we SHOULD have stayed at Port Moody another day -- this seemed pretty crowded!  We had heard that there was a lot of activity on the weekends.  There were two 'rafts' of several boats, stern-tied to shore.  A few 'resident' boats on mooring buoys, and maybe 12-20 boats at anchor?  Music was playing and people were having fun, but it was not at all obnoxious.  We pretty much just stayed on the boat and enjoyed the show.

On Sunday everyone pretty much cleared out, except for one or two other boats.  Aahhhhh, so peaceful.  Except for the ravens pestering eagles.

Monday we completed our tour of Indian Arm.  We knew there were VERY limited places to anchor, and if you did, you probably would only want to stay a few hours -- a 'lunch-hook' -- rather than overnight.  So we thought it would be a long day for us.  Well, we were already part way into the Arm, so it went a lot faster than we had thought.  We saw what we wanted to see, and then returned to Bedwell Bay.  As we approached I looked at the clock and thought "Three hours.  We just took a 'three hour tour', and the Gilligan's Island theme was running through my head.


We will be travelling almost due North from Bedwell Bay, through water so deep our instrument cannot read -- a mountain valley underwater.

What we believe to be a powerhouse.  There is a mountain lake above, and there are big pipes.  Does water come down from the lake to create power?

Around the point, another.  This one looks  like it has been added onto a few times.

Beautiful homes line the southern portion of the inlet, but they are very remote.  We can see no visible road, though we suspect one follows the power lines?  I took this shot mainly to show the rough gravel 'driveway'.

Aahhh, Granite Falls.  It is interesting to look at the series of photos I took as our perspective changed  while Al piloted by.  The upper reach came into view first, and more was revealed as we came around the point.  This is the most 'complete' view we got.

A close-up shows more of the Granite!

Historic Wigwam Inn is now a Royal Vancouver Yacht Club outstation.    A couple of other yacht clubs have outstations too -- the only marinas in the Arm.  Members Only!  

Another falls above the Wigwam Inn.

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