Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cost to Cruise - May 2013

May came, and May Went.  We spent our allowed two weeks anchored in False Creek, Vancouver BC.  Visiting the City and Friends met along the way.  Had a wonderful time, and likely will return.

Also in Vancouver we had access to the CITY...  Eval:  Cities, we have found, tend to make our bellies larger, and our wallets thinner.  Even so, May turned out to be not so bad cost wise.  Perhaps it was the using up of the stores we piled in during the 1st part of April.

Viking Stars cost for May

The City allowed access to hardware shops and I purchased needed parts to install a holding-tank overboard pump-out, for future use as we move more North where Pump-out station do not exist.  Moorage, though it seem low, in fact reflects only 3 stops. . . .  Groceries I attribute to a combination of using up stores, easy access to the 'lower cost' shopping center in Vancouver (just 5 blocks away from the Dinghy landing!) also impacted by the higher amount of Dining Out (ala:  Mom's Grilled Cheese and the original JapaDog, Yum!).  Most of you already know the Personal figure:  SHOPPING!!!  (See, I do the same thing - but get to disguise it as 'upgrades' :-)    )   Note from Kristi:  You could call my new capris and shoes an upgrade too, from the favorite pair I realized was over 5 years old.  Also 'upgraded' my cosmetics. I admit it might be a stretch to call the new book releases from a couple of favorite authors an upgrade, however! Gee, the 'little things' do add up quickly!

Medical costs at $0 reflecting our new International  IMG Policy. We continued to use the Generator a lot - though in looking at least years April / May, not total out of line.  Perhaps 30% higher hours reflecting the new ease of use, and tendency to let it idle down while topping off the batteries.  And Solar is starting to get on its legs, but did miss the modeled output by a massive -6% (139Ah/day vs. 149Ah predicted).  We now have a full year on the new panels, look for a summary post covering their performance...

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