Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Canal

Last you heard, we were in Montague Harbour.  From there we've been to Glenthorne Passage, Ganges, and Bedwell Harbour.  And this morning we had another 'first'.  We passed through Pender Canal to Port Browning.

Al asked if this were our first canal.  I had to think, for quite a while, but finally agree.  Did we pass through anything like that on our Columbia/Snake River trip?  Not that I remember.  What about that channel by LaConner?  No, the Swinomish is a natural waterway.  Yes it's been dredged, but it's natural.  'Canal' implies manmade.

We had some conversation about ways this compared to THE canal -- the Panama Canal.  The Panama Canal is between North America and South America.  Pender Canal divides North Pender Island from South Pender Island.  Both canals are in a north/south orientation.

Between the buoys and around the bend to the left...
(After a short 'Securite' call on VHF-16 before entering - to avoid meeting someone headon..)

Theres a small bridge.

We are about as big a boat as can fit through!

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  1. I always hate how it feels passing a bridge. Gives me the willies!