Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Portland Island

We moved from Bedwell Harbour to Royal Cove on Portland Island Sunday.  We were here two months ago and had our first stern-tie adventure.  Surprisingly, we have not used a stern-tie again until our return!

Yesterday was a perfect day!  We got off the boat and took a hike.  The mosquitoes were not in thick clouds this time, but I caught one on my neck.

A westerly view towards Fulford Harbor.  That squared off mountain is very visible from many places in the San Juan Islands, and I had always wondered what it was called.  I am still not sure.  It could be Mt. Maxwell, or Mt. Belcher.  

I swab the deck, preparing the boat for company.  Al takes a much needed nap -- he has not been sleeping well, or at the least, waking while it is still dark -- very early on these long summer days.  When he wakes, he sets off on another oyster hunting expedition (I am happy with beans and wieners).  When Al returns, he says he's got something for me!

It's not very 'pearly' (kind of a dull white kidney bean), but it is a nice addition to my 'treasures from the sea' collection.

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