Sunday, June 9, 2013

Silva Bay and Gabriola Island

We have been resting and recovering.

On Thursday morning I sent an email to a couple we met early in our Canadian adventure, on Tod Inlet.  We have kept tabs on each others location, and this was just another in a series of 'check-ins'.  Marilyn answered back 'Check your voice mail!  We are very close!'

We did check voice mail, and then Al called them back.  They were in Pirate's Cove, just around the corner and through Gabriola Pass from us, and they were willing to dinghy over to meet with us!  Our dinghy does not have that much range or power, and I worried a bit about them coming through the pass, but I knew they had been through the pass before and knew what it could be like.

We set off for shore and got a start on getting our land legs back.

Al had noticed a marine railway in the shipyard!  They also have a small Travelift.  But it was the big wood boat on the railway that had him most interested.  (Later talking to the owner/operators, he is now excited to possibly do Viking Star's next haulout here.)

We stopped at the liquor store to replenish our supply of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and also pick up two bottles of wine.  The attendant was very helpful and informative, sharing information about the new bus service on the island, letting us know the Silva Bay grocery closed a couple of years ago, but even offering to give us a ride to the Village when his shift was over.  We told him we were fine for the moment and were hoping to meet friends very soon.

Bob and Marilyn did arrive safely, and we had a pleasant couple of hours at the pub with them.  Then Bob and Al stopped and talked to the crew in the shipyard, while Marilyn and I continued on to chat and enjoy the view of the bay.

Bob and Marilyn ready to head back to their big boat, Grey Hawk.  This couple covers a LOT of area by boat, car, air, and their converted bus.  They are very fun and interesting to visit with!  We so appreciate their coming to meet us.
Friday was a bad fibromyalgia day with a rough morning, but a two-hour nap in the afternoon did wonders.  The details of the day are a blur, but I know we didn't leave the boat.

Yesterday we rode GERTIE (Gabriola Environmentally Responsible Trans-Island Express) to the Saturday Market and the Village.  There was a coupon in the local paper for a free ride for the bearer and a companion.  This service had JUST begun this week.

At the market we picked up several goodies (that are not on our 'diet') and then went to Bad Rona's for coffee and a yummy flourless cheesecake, which was actually more like a frosted brownie.  The grocery store seemed quite expensive, so we only got necessities and plan to visit Ganges on our way south.

For the time being, we are very comfortable in Silva Bay and don't plan to leave for another day or two.

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