Friday, January 31, 2014

A boating post (Sort of)

Time to get some Boating Posts put up.  (Though I think the last one from Kristi could be a boating post - depending on where one's heart is at the moment )

I had drafted up a post covering all the tasks I did before leaving Viking Star all alone for up to a year.  Things like change the oil / antifreeze.  Close all seacocks, fresh water flush the engine then draining it.  Turning on the block heater and AC blowers (Might still do a Things That Work... posting on those),  etc. - when yesterday it became very very clear that the MOST important thing to do when leaving your boat unattended for a year -- HAVE FRIENDS WHO CAN CHECK IN ON THINGS!

Yesterday our friend Samantha stopped by the boat to correct a small oversight I did not do in my fog when leaving last week, which she easily fixed.  But during this time she found out that someone had cut the power to Viking Star!

Turned off the power!   What a disaster in the making.  See, I fully depend on the blowers to keep air circulating throughout her, and the heating of the engine block (and strategically placed Golden Rods) to chase away chances of mold and mildew.   But here we were, less than a week out and the power was off -- and had been for a while!  (the batteries are able to keep things going for a couple of days, even when configured for limited discharge).  The aft cabin was already dripping!  Just imagine what the rest of winter would have brought...

She flipped the breaker back on at the power pole and will be fitting a lock to it.  I am thankful, and perhaps need to see if I can come up with some way for Viking Star to survive long term if again the power is cut.  (Was MUCH simpler when she was under cover.  But without a cover, I need to think some more..)

Ok - Mostly boating.  Stay tuned for another mostly-boating post coming in a couple of days: 'Cost to not-cruise - January'.  Will be interesting to compare the on-the-water and on-the-dirt lifestyles...

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