Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting to the short strokes

Today things firmed up.  Found a place to move Viking Star to, ordered my flight tickets, and sent off another box.  Will be moving the boat this weekend and flying to MN Wednesday.  Between then I need to prep the boat for layaway, drain things, top off the batteries, etc..


  1. Where are you leaving her? I will mess reading your adventures. Stay safe and see you in a year.

  2. I will miss reading your blog. I have read it from the time you started. Or at least I went back and read what I had missed. I liked the "Sandwich People" post. You are both to be commended for the move you are making. What a loving act.
    We wish you the best.

  3. I expect you're having a busy weekend Al. We plan to be in Seattle at the end of next week - I guess we won't see you folks this trip. If you find yourselves in need of a bit of boat time keep us in mind. The v-berth is usually open. Its looking increasingly likely that we will get to Alaska this spring but there's lots of opportunities on that trip for crew to fly in for a leg and then fly out from a more distant port. You'd be more than welcome.