Tuesday, January 21, 2014

mv Viking Star blog going forward..

I have been thinking a bit about what to do with this Blog forward, given that Kristi and I are going to be un-cruisers for a few months.  I know in other blogs we follow, often the site will in effect become abandoned, or perhaps changed into totally non boat related topics..   As a way to frame things, I recall the two reasons we started this blog:
  1. To let family and friends know what we were up to, w/o having to sending out 100+ individual Emails.  (OK, maybe more like 12 individual Emails...)
  2. To give back to the community some:  I learned a lot from other folks experiences, and hence wanted to document ours...

So, going forward.   I think we will try to keep this alive, though likely will less activity, along those two same goals.  Perhaps less so on #1 as Kristi now has a Face Book account.   But even with our Swallowing the Anchor, it IS only for a year.  And already I have some posting ideas, like:
  • What did I do to prepare the boat for storage?
  • I have a tale of three LEDs to talk about.
  • And one about the Rot Spot I found yesterday on the hull....
  • Report on Generator performance after the rebuild and some efficiency improvements I am looking to make. 

Viking Star in her New Home. . .
I am thinking there are some topics I can dig up from the past, and given I will have LOTS of time on my hands, might even be able to post about them.  Heck, we might even get around to posting about out trip up the Snake so many years ago, providing we can find our notes.

I do plan to come back midsummer to check on things, am sure items will crop up from that. Plus I will be reassembling the DC generator then and will report on that.   Have been thinking that it might be helpful to continue the Costs posts, to compare the Cost to Cruise with Cost to Not Cruise lifestyle..

My hope it we can find something to post about every few weeks, something meaningful, but to keep this spot warm if you will.   We do, after all , PLAN  (Arg, I used the 'P' word) to un-swallow the anchor in a year.  Hum, will it be like starting over again?

 Things will slow down to be sure, but we are NOT leaving this life style, just taking a break.  Same for the Blog.


  1. All & Kristi:

    I have enjoyed your blog for all you share, especially Al's "projects". I can't imagine that either of you could loose your "live-aboard" perspective" by moving onto land. Contrast and compare the lifestyle, dream of projects and places, recall the little things what might have got lost in the overwhelming, but share it. Good luck on this leg of your journey ( or should I say, cruise?).

  2. Your blog is something I always enjoy.. well your techie stuff Al is over my head for the most part. I will enjoy your less frequent posts however often they come. You still have a place on my personal URL bar and I don't intend to delete it.. I will look forward to your land lubber observations! Patti

  3. It appears you have left Viking Star in the water. Is that correct? My understanding was that you were going to haul her. If something comes up that you need attended to remember that when we are in Cow Bay we are only a day away from her.