Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Week and a Month

Today marks the first full week that Al has been here in Minnesota, and Monday I will have been here for a month.

It is interesting to come to this house that I never lived in, but is filled with so many of the things that I remember from my childhood, getting longer and longer ago.

The plates we eat from are ones I remember as being new when my mom prepared a special lunch for my friend Carla and me, and my brother Dean and his friend Shawn, when I was no more than 5.  We girls got got the plates with blue flowers, and the boys had brown wheat stalks on theirs.

Last night we popped popcorn.  And I went through the stack of popcorn bowls and pulled out the one I 'traditionally' used -- the pink one.  Dean's brown one went to Al, Mom got her white one and Dad had his original classic Tupperware dish.

It is comforting to find so many things in my current surroundings are unchanged from my childhood.  And I can understand better Mom's anxiety when she cannot find an item that I have moved.  I have tried to only move things for safety or convenience, but still ...

We continue to enjoy the sunrises through Mom and Dad's big front window.  Yesterday's was made special by the crescent moon and Venus.  Al and I both braved the COLD for these shots.  I stepped out onto the porch for this one:

Al got a shot that shows Venus better.  He stepped out onto the driveway for this one:

Moon on the right, Venus on the left.
Almost in line with each other!

It was -12f, and we were outside in our robes and slippers!  I KNOW the people who drove by and saw us were wondering who those crazy nuts were!

Als Note:  Not to worry.  Storden is a, um, SMALL town.  Am sure word gets around fast!

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