Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cost to Cruise - December 2013

December found us still in Port at Friday Harbor, though to be more accurate we spent most the month down in Portland visiting Family and Friends for the holidays.  You can see this reflected in the lower then normal Grocery spending, and the higher then normal Dining Out as well as the Travel expenses.  Travel also includes a one-way ticket for Kristi to get to Minnesota, I will be following her in January after I find a place to part Viking Star for a year.

Viking Star, Cost to Cruise December 2013

Solar exceeded modeling for December!  (22Ah/day vs. 16Ah/day modeled), and of course there was little usage of the engine/generator.  Also of note, Maintenance includes machining and parts for the Kubota EA-300 engine used in our DC generator.  It's blow-by became too great late last fall, and a tear down indicated a need for a complete overhaul.  (Machinists thinks the engine stood too long in one place w/o being used and w/o being prepared properly - given the engine was an Army Surplus unit from Ebay, who knows).

And I have to admit I found some errors in the spread-sheet.  Largest was that back in March I had entered our fuel cost twice!  Backing out that $653 helps a little.  And I found there is a difference in how the Average formula treats a blank cell vs. one that has a '0' in it.  In this view I have gone back and made sure all the '-' cells actually contain a '0', and are not just blank.  So, you might see some  larger then expected changes in a few of the rolling averages.

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