Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bond Sound, Wahkana Bay, and the Teddy Bears' Picnic

As we left Kwatsi Bay, a large pod of dolphins was entering. They were too intent on breakfast to stop and play.

We toured up Bond Sound, and the entrance to the Ahta River. In 'Full Moon, Flood Tide' Billy Proctor says that five different salmon breeds return to spawn here. And grizzlies come to feast in the fall. Anchoring would be a challenge here, but it might be worth a return trip in late August.

As Bond Sound rejoins Tribune Channel, the dolphins are coming straight for us! They break the water straight ahead, and on both sides. You KNOW that some went right below us. But in a flash, they are gone again.

It's not far to Wahkana Bay, our choice for anchorage the next day or two. There is one other boat in the bay, but we anchor a distance off, and then settle down for our afternoon tea. It is near low tide, and the guide books say bear are frequent visitors to the bay, and sure enough -- Al hears me shout 'There's a bear! And a TEENY one!' And he shushes me, and opens the door. It is warm enough to leave it open, and we can hear them snuffling, and scraping and pawing the rocks for crunchy treats. And my tea cools as I shoot lots of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Where IS your brother?!

Oh, hello there! Maybe she heard my camera, or maybe it was just a chance glance.
We didn't seem to interrupt the picnic at all.

Mmmm, Mama, you left a crumb

All the above photos were taken at the max zoom my camera can go. Here is a non-zoom picture for comparison:


  1. This is the ONE thing that would draw me up to Canada.... I want to see BEARS! We went to Yellowstone last summer for a week and didn't see any. Down here we see lots of Eagles and raccoons. I want to see bears!

    1. 2 summers ago I cruised up to Ketchikan. we visited a place called Anan Creek. the US forest service and the Alaska Dept of Wildlife have done a fabulous job of creating one of the worlds best bear viewing sites. we were overwhelmed. Prior to July 1 you do not need a permit. after that date you need a permit or you need to go with one of the tour companies in Ketchikan. they will fly you into Anan creek and provide a guide who will take you to the viewing site. Google Anan Creek and you will see details and photos. also go to Tripadvisor.com and search for Anan Creek.