Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Simoom to Kwatsi Bay

The morning we were leaving Simoom, I woke up before 5AM. It wasn't until later that I realized I had been invited to a square dance.

An eagle hunter has a nice quite view from the point.

And here comes a TREE, ghosting down the sound.

From a distance it didn't look like much, but it is coming awfully close, and the tide is turning!

It is a full tree, as long as Viking Star. I woke Al when I feared it might get caught in our anchor chain, but it did a simply do-si-do, a full circle around the boat, and then settles on shore.

After breakfast, I noticed a couple of red areas on my wrist. Al thought perhaps I burned myself, but they were not painful, and you usually are aware if you had been burned. But a short time later these blisters had raised, and it was NOW painful and itchy. No idea what caused them. Five+ days later, they are finally deflating.

Deep Sea Bluff, the entrance to Tribune  Channel

Lacy Falls. The guidebooks say to visit in June to see it at its best. This is the last day of June, and it looks like it has about run out.  We didn't come back to see it again after the hard rain that fell while we were at the Kwatsi Bay Marina.

A shot of sunshine when we arrived. We loved this place! 

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