Monday, July 4, 2016

Belleisle to Simoom

After our jaunt up Kingcome Inlet, we poked into Belleisle Sound. It was a gorgeous place. Though a bit deep for most boats to anchor in, we carry 400 feet of 3/8" galvanized chain. We HAVE anchored in 100 feet before, but this time only about 60-80 feet deep. Guides warned of afternoon winds coming through from Wakeman Sound, or westerlies being uncomfortable, but even 15-20 mph NW winds were fine where we were. 

Mama merganser and her chicks. When we first anchored, the raft of chicks were on their own and very noisy. If Mama was testing them, they failed the 'stay here and be quiet' test!

The next morning, it was MAMA who was on her own! We didn't hear chicks this time -- they must have learned the lesson.

We were kind of hoping for bears, but saw none here. As we pulled away, there was a doe on shore.

At Miller Bay, guides warn of a rock just below the surface. The seals told us where it was.

'Kitty' is a working cat on this boat. She reminds Al to take his medicine every day.  Usually she sits next to the sink in the aft cabin, but this day she got to watch the scenery change.

In Penphrase Passage, another dolphin encounter!

We REALLY didn't expect to find this many boats up here! We counted 11 in McIntosh Bay in Simoom Sound. We found a nook between there and O'Brien Bay, and several went on by us.

A couple of hours of sun, and then we watched the fog roll in, with dark clouds behind.

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