Wednesday, July 20, 2016


We'd been trying to visit this site, well, since leaving Port McNeil two weeks before! But the weather was holding us back. Besides rainfall making conditions miserable in general, we knew that this place was quite overgrown and we would get soaked crawling through the bushes after rain. 

We made an attempt to get close several days earlier, but the winds had picked up from the northwest, and after entering the anchorage we decided it was too exposed to be enjoyable in those conditions and we moved to Goat Island.

But today, the SUN had come out! It was another of those very rare days this summer!

So much history in this place, but not much is evident any longer. M. Wylie Blanchet writes of visiting in her book 'The Curve of Time'. I recommend this staple book of cruisers of the Pacific Northwest. We finally are to her cruising grounds.

There used to be totems remaining, but they are either gone from decay, overgrown, or removed to the museum in Alert Bay. But the entrance house posts remain. Al spotted the rear house posts as well, and I was able to finally see through the growth, but pictures didn't show what we had seen.

The mighty house posts

A decaying 'modern' house peeks over at us

Al has made it! Yes, there's a trail....'just put your head down, hunker over, and go through.'
He laughed at the appearance of the camera thrust above the growth for this photo.
I found some stinging nettles. 

The view from the house is wonderful!

From the porch. There is a ramp down. And the 'trail'.

There were several varieties of berries, and Al had to sample the blackberries.
 'Too early' was the pronouncement.
I can't help thinking of BEARS, with all the berries, and how thick the vegetation is, and how it deadens noise, and how frightened I would be to hear a rustle on the path!

The shell beach - a midden - is the result of thousands of years of seafood feasts.

Sandpipers forage at the edge of the water. If we got too close, they froze, trusting their camouflage.
The zoom worked wonders.
A WONDERFUL day! It is amazing how the sunniest days are also the brightest in our memories. Is it just the sun? Or is it the place? We are thankful, regardless.