Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mama Sunset

WOW! A sunset like this almost makes two weeks of gloomy weather worthwhile. And it definitely deserves a blog post of its own. Yes, I did use the 'sunset' filter, because I feel it SHOWS the colors I saw! I took 69 photos -- here are just a few...

The clouds were chasing the sun again, but clouds just seem to make a sunset all the more interesting. This time they were also adding thunder and raindrops to make it a complete sensory experience.

Panned down for raindrops

Zoomed in, just left of the sun to an interesting pileup of islands


Facing WSW, it becomes a bit more pastel. I love the half blue/half pink.

Zoomed in to appreciate the layers more...

And the absolute favorite photo I've taken in a long time. I share this one in full resolution, because it's worth it!

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