Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby, it's HOT out there!

Wow, about all we can say.. Wow.

After last Winter's record setting snow storm, Portland is now going though another record setting event. It is HOT. The past two days have been 100+, and that is very very unusual for us here.

This has all but put a stop to Boat Work. To be honest, by the time I get up in the morning it is almost 90. And at this point I am working on Finished Mahogany, good stuff, Quartersawn 'true' Mahogany. I can not risk water stains on it :-)

So, we be a sitting and sweating. Today is forcasted to be 108 by NOAA, 107 by some local TV station. Not to worry, by Friday we should be back down to the mid 90's.
Wow, and what was with all those folks saying we needed to head SOUTH out the door, to where it was warmer???

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