Saturday, July 18, 2009

There be treasure in them Islands!

This weekend was the Pirates Cruise for our local USPS. (United States Power Squadron, an organization that focuses on Boater education, but also seems to make time for some fun events). During this the 'good' Pirates scour the island looking for buried treasure while the 'Bad' pirates stage surprise attacks to keep the treasure safe. Of course Good always prevails, and in the end all share in the bounty.

See if you can figure out who that dashing Pirate in the red Shirt and flowing Black hair might be!

Kristi had to work Saturday, but she joined me that evening. A good Friend of ours had prepared Dinner, and we had a glass of wine waiting for her arrival. With Kristi winding down, this will be THE LAST such event she needs to miss (she has worked Saturdays for the past 18+ years.) Am looking forward to it. As I am sure the Pirates themselves are looking forward to next years search and battles.

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