Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's fun to see the progress being done, since I am living away with friends in Forest Grove, and only get to visit the boat on weekends. And knowing the distractions Al has had this week, it is nice to SEE that there HAS been progress!

People ask me, 'Are you excited?!?' and I usually answer 'Not yet....' I am still in the 'real world' working away (only two more Saturdays to go!), and still painfully sorting through 'stuff'. I made it through one more box of the several (5 or 6, or 7 or 8) that I brought to my friends' house for that purpose, but I am afraid the 'throw it out' pile was quite small. There is a bit more to donate to the church for their rummage sale happening soon, but mostly just 're-organized' the contents...

I rediscovered many photographs, some childhood favorite books, a very long email from Al that I had printed from earlier in our dating days, jewelry, wooden boxes and bowls, the ceramic whale that used to sit on my Grandpa's dresser to hold his change, the angel statuette my oldest grandson gave me on a Grandparents much treasure!

It's hard to think of leaving it all behind. But most of it, I must.

And really, it's not the THINGS that matter--it's the MEMORIES they trigger. I think my fear is, that without that physical remembrance, the memories will fade.

But I have digressed. Yes, I AM excited. There is so much to look forward to! Many more memories to make! Just this weekend I am excited to be reunited with my husband! To visit with friends at a BBQ tonight. To attend church services on Sunday--to hear stories from the youth returning from a mission trip. To celebrate my stepdaughter's birthday and her departure from the teen years. And to return to work on Tuesday, to begin my final three weeks of employment.


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