Monday, July 6, 2009

Still settling in and some Random Thoughts.. This will take time, to get settled in. We know that. Though, it does kind of remind me of the phrase 'rebuilding an airplane while it is in flight' :-)

Kristi and I both spent the long weekend on the boat, sans Saturday night when we stayed in Forest Grove to be closer for Sunday Church service (and, well, dropping off some more Stuff!). It has been nice being together, and making the best of it given the current situation. Will tell you, Girls are nice for many reasons, one of which is the boat looks MUCH better after just one day of Kristi straightening and arranging things. Much better.

Got the 2nd cabinet fitted in the aft stateroom, glued up the 3rd. Will fit it today. Will also be able to prep the floors (and yes, that is the 'Nautical Floors') for the water tank platform. I just might be able to get the water tank in by Wednesday!

Some other just random thoughts.

  • 'A box a day is all I ask'. Borrowing that tag line from the Almond guys. Have placed a goal of a Box a Day off the boat and out of the 'staging / storage unit'. Actually, will need more like 2 a day to get it all done. Today Kristi is going over to pull out all the Kitchen stuff, her goal is 5 boxes today.
  • Curse of Costco - We knew this would be an issue. Having lived in a Costco diet for a while, those LARGE boxes have no place on a boat. So, please don't tell Kristi, but I had to throw out both large bottles of Hershey Chocolate**, or just not plan on putting anything else into the Refrigerator.
  • Condiments. Speaking of the Refrigerator, while making the final move out I was surprised at how much of THAT stuff was condiments, and how little was actual food. Do we really need 4 bottles of steak sauce? 2 of BBQ sauce? 5 bottles of Salad dressing? (and yes, we DO need 3 different Mustards, am willing to give up that Yellow stuff, but come on - we are not Bohemians here..)
  • Refrigeration space: continuing on here. It occurred to me not only the vast number of condiments, but also that most were half or less full... You know, if we assume that on average, all bottles will be 1/2 empty, that is a lot of space wasted. Having a bigger refrigerator does not really give me more space to store stuff, just more space to store empty space!
  • Water: Viking star has been without water for about a month now. Really miss it... showers, DISHES, washing hands. It is a great gap right now.
  • Wife: very nice to have around. We slept to 10am this morning, slow start, but nice.

    ** There are those who, correctly, consider it a Sin to waste Chocolate...

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  1. I say mix the relish and the catsup into the same bottle.

    Can't you get a hose for water from the marina?

    And yes.. the chocolate deal. If I'd known, I would have stopped by to pick them up when the mission team returned Tuesday night late from Kansas to PDX to pick them up.

    Dan WF