Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some progress...

Here is a photo for those of us who are more Visual. Keen viewers might notice there is no sign of a water tank, and you would be correct. Tuesday I spent most of the day procuring and cutting wood needed for the 3rd shelf support, the bed, and the new sole. Then Wednesday got a bit distracted helping a Friend, as well as attending Martie and Katrina's Wedding that evening. Helping the friend was rather a downer (actually, a big downer in what all happened); the wedding was a blast! Music, Food, Drink. When a ceremony begins with the Bride and Groom being bound and lead by a bunch of Pirates - you know it is going to be a fun time. And fun it was, Congrats Katrina and Martie!

On the boat: Did get the 3rd cabinet fitted, and the sole framed up. As well as one coat of paint on the all the cabinets now. As to the water tank, I need to do some prep to the floors and framing, and that is taking time to dry (various coatings to discourage rot..)

Hence, no Water yet :-(

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