Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day!!!

Today is Kristi's last day working at Pacific. And the last day we need to be apart.

Been a long month, and am looking forward to being 'reunited', so to speak.

As always, we can not make plans - those two Job possibilities are shaping up to be very real. Don't think this will substantially delay our plans, but instead perhaps provide some additional funds to complete the boat - been eyeing some new House batteries, and of course still need to pick up a Pactor modem.

And another thing: Not sure if it was the heat, or just bad timing, but we lost TWO computers this week. Both the onboard one, and the backup one. Just died, dead -- dead -- dead... Went out and got one of those low cost Acer 'webbooks', not too bad - basically a 5 year old computer in a modern package. Will have to see about the Ships computer, figure will need to take a different approach than last time as it only lasted 5 years of rather modest use...

Am so looking forward to this evening, Al will be taking the Bus to Forest Grove to join a Going Away party for Kristi, then we have a couple of plans for the weekend, and then back to the boat!

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