Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday USA!

After a morning of attempting to sweep together piles in the boat and storage unit (mostly shifting things from one place to another, but we DID manage to empty ONE box), and after braving the shower in the marina (!!!), we drove to the Portland waterfront for the 2009 Portland Blues Fest aboard the Rapture with fabulous hosts Howard and Dayna Collins. We knew a few other of the boats tied to the dock also, and made several trips up and down the way.

We are hoping for 'good pictures' from friends of Jeanette of Sweet Liberty. I forgot our camera back on Viking Star, and had to rely on my cell phone camera to collect memories.

There was only one barge loaded with fireworks this year (last year there were two) but we both agreed that we enjoyed it more this year--with only one set to focus on. And we got to observe the Fire Boat in action putting out a grass fire that the fireworks started on the riverbank. However, it took us an hour to get out of the parking garage afterward!

It appears at this time that we will be staying in the area through this time next year, so that we can experience the 2010 Blues Fest aboard Viking Star, tied up among our friends on the dock.


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