Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beds, Brides, and Berths... Plus, Job???

I just returned from San Jose attending a SNIA working session. Monday we hosted the EPA at their 1st public forum after they announced they will be looking to extend the ENERGY STAR label to data center class storage. We also had a one day session with Climate Savers, looking for areas of cooperation. Again, it was good to see folks face to face, and see the progress of the technical working group.

This did however put a dent in the Boat Stuff. Friday I did not get too much done, but did put a bit of hours in Saturday. Got the cabinets all bolted in, and the deck for the bed in place. At this point, we COULD bring down the foam mattress, cut it loose and see if it will expand to full size given the 2-3 years of storage. But think will take a few more days and fit on the Mahogany side boards. Then will need 7 days for a Varnishing Cycle, and a few more for it to set up nice and hard. It means we could have our bed in place in say two weeks! Till then we are in the V-Berths up front, on the 4-day foam. And yup, it is well named..

Today was Kristi's LAST SATURDAY! She has worked on the order of 18 years of Saturdays, so it will be nice for her to be able to participate in weekend activities. This upcoming Friday is her last day of work. Her office is giving her a party and have invited me - though I worry if it is to help celebrate, or to get me alone where they can share their true feeling about this whole 'Taking Kristi Away' thing. But bottom line: I get my bride back soon!

And speaking of working - I had two interviews Friday. Both consulting jobs. We are, to be honest, thinking of working some through the Winter. Kristi also has a lead for a part time job. As have mentioned in a prior Blog, we no longer make plans... Figure things will play out over the next two weeks or so.

Wanted to post a picture with Kristi and I sitting on the aft deck toasting her Last Saturday. However it got too dark. Maybe later..

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