Saturday, February 9, 2013

1st trial run of Arduino based Generator Control and Alternator Regulator!

Ya, cross posting.  But today was a major milestone in the Kubota DC Generator automation project - hooked it all up and did a 1st run!

Boring Video:

See more details here:

Along with a description of what is happening in the Video.

And to learn more about the intelligent regulator / automation project go here:


  1. Cool. What did the output numbers look like?

  2. Hi Tate,

    The generator we have had for several years now, is home-built and if you click on the Kubota DC Generator on the right you can see the details. It also is the source of power for our watermaker (also home built). As is, the 'generator' is able to supply around 110A into the batteries (Direct DC, not AC), and none when the water maker is operating. With this intelligent controller I am looking to maximize the number of Amps delivered by tightly monitoring and regulating both the the Current as well as the more traditional Voltage. That way I can keep a constant work (Watts) load on the Kubota engine. And I will also be able to back-off on the alternator when we are using the watermaker, but still be able to generate some power (maybe 40A??) as opposed to the 0A we do now.

    Plus, I put in a really cool remote display and push-button switch. Even Kristi will be able to start the generator now!

    1. I'll know you've arrived whenever you get that start switch on a key fob. ;)