Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Photographers

Casey is here with her kids, so we have been having a grand time showing them 'our town'!

Today we rode Evergreen State, the inter-island ferry which is free to foot traffic, around on her loop.  Six-year-old Madalyn wanted to take a picture, so I handed over the camera.  She was shooting away, and when I checked to make sure she was pressing the shutter down all the way, I saw she was getting some good shots!  It appears she has mastered MY trick of taking LOTS of shots -- you've got to get a FEW good ones.

These are ALL from Madalyn, with no coaching!

Friday Harbor from the ferry 

Mom and Milo 

Another ferry coming!

The water


We stopped for coffee at The Crow's Nest

We saw lots of other boats


Grammie and Evan

And the title of this post was Guest Photographers.  Madalyn's little brother, four-year-old Evan wanted a turn.  He needs a little more practice.  We'll work on that.

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