Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The New 'Us'!

In a recent post, Then and Now, I didn't have a 'new' picture of the two of us.

Well, yesterday I had my second cataract surgery, and I am now 'glasses free', at distance.  Now I have to work on a decades-old habit of nearsighted people:  If I can't see something well, I bring it closer.  That doesn't work any more!  In fact, I now need help to see at arm's length and closer -- some people call that help 'cheaters'.  And I now have 4 pair:  a lighted pair for the nightstand, a pair in the kitchen, a pair in the backpack, and my red pair that stays near my red laptop.

I was very excited to remove the tap from my eye four hours after the procedure, to clear vision!  What a relief.

We are house-sitting for a friend, and I got to enjoy the first clear, glasses-free sunset in many decades!

No glasses!  

And the new 'Us', NOW.


  1. Great that you can see well again! My vision is slowly declining from the years I've spent hacking away in front of a computer for my job. I cannot wait to get away from it before I go blind. Congrats that your cataract surgery went well. And you guys look great and happy. Enjoying following along with both of your posts.