Monday, February 4, 2013

Today I did a Boat Project!


Today I actually did one of those Boat Projects that has been hanging around for a LONG time (ok, from when we packed it all up and left Portland - that is how long).  I installed new dummy's onto some of the hydronic radiators.  Here is an after:

And a before,

This last one is adjacent to the shop and I had wanted to do it as well.  But the dummy's only came with sufficient brackets to do 3 short radiators, even though there was plenty of metal covers left...   And of course - one can not purchase only the brackets.  Guess if it bothers me enough I will send off an order to Grainger and get another 5' section.

These 4 radiators had lost their covers some time over the years, and came to me 'bare'.  I had been wanting for a LONG time to make them look nice, and today they are!   Plus, and here is the real big news, it got rid of 2x 5' long boxes that had been stuffed into the engine room when we did the Pack-n-go a couple of years ago.


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