Friday, February 1, 2013

How did this happen? Cost to Cruise Jan 2013

Take a look at January's Cost to Cruise, notice anything funny about it?  How about the total being UNDER $4000!  Something we have not seen since August of last year.  Oh Wait, it is really under $3000!  Again, something not seen since last August.  And that included the once-every-3-years re-cert of the life-raft in Boat Maintenance!

Wow, get away from the Marina, get out of the USA (and its health care costs),  and we just might be able to approach that magic $2,000/mo.   Ok, Kristi and I are going to have to look at this a bit - see what we did in January, and try to repeat it again.  Often...

And Solar was off again this Month, we produced 21 Ah's/ day average and the model predicted we should have gotten only 11Ah!   Think that makes up for under shooting the mark by 2Ah last month :-) ?

Note from Kristi:  First response upon hearing the good news, and Al wondering what happened -- We've been eating out of the freezer, we haven't bought any meat.  And Al answered back -- And we bought our booze in December.  So there's AN answer --  become tea-totalling vegetarians!

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