Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cost to Cruise July 2016

July came, July went - and again we busted the $1K mark.  This time: Dead Dinosaurs.  Being our 1st time in the Broughtons / Desolation area,we spend a LOT of hours motoring around checking things out.  Rather than our usual pace of moving, staying for 4-5 days, moving, we often moved every 2 days.  Not really sure why, but we did.  Combined with the rather unseasonably cold and wet winter (more generator time, more heater time) in July we found ourselves having used about 2/3rds of our fuel supply.

Penciling things out if we indeed slowed down some, and if indeed the Sun finally came out, we might have been OK - or we might have been on the fence.  In the end we elected to take on 160 gallons of fuel.  To make sure.  But will tell you the Cheap in me still is in a huff over this.  $1.09cad per liter comes to $3.14us per gallon.  Significantly above what we pay in the US (Spot check just now, $1.95)  Sigh, well - the boat rides better with the extra weight.  When we fuel up this fall we'll see if that 160 gallons was really needed.

OK, enough.  The rest of the month was rather typical it seems.  Moorgage is up a little because we are purposely visiting each of the major marinas in the area, just to get a feel for things.  Future visits we will unlikely repeat this way.

OK, here is July:

Viking Star - Cost the Cruise July 2016

Towards the end of August we will start making our way back south.  We need to be out of Canada before October 8th, or plan on having a conversation with the Canadian  IncomeTax folks.  We are kind of figuring on hitting the 'rapids' which separate the Broughtons from the Desolation area after Labor day, then slowly work our way down by the end of September.  Hopefully we will have some sunny days these next couple of months!

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