Saturday, August 6, 2016

Viner Sound

Heading for Viner Sound, even though it is dark and dreary, we have a good feeling about this place.

We get situated in the cove on the north side. The trees reflect in the still water, and everything is emerald.
But, something that catches my eye IS a bit foreboding. Look up at the rock cliffs.

I'll zoom in to make it easier. It looks like a tetris game in reverse? I wonder where the missing pieces are?
This might be the answer to where SOME of the 'sugar cube' rocks come from....

Got woolies? August in the Broughtons.
Added benefit? Al sweeps the floor with his feet.

We can hear water running, and we think there is a creek somewhere. As the tide lowers, we can SEE it.
There is a lagoon behind the 'bar'.

Not sure, but they may be Bonaparte Gulls, or Sabine's Gulls. They are very loud and squeaky!

Can you find the bear? He's there.
And we learn that bears DO have good hearing -- our cabin door rattling startled him away.

Next day we go for a dinghy ride at low tide. This is the second little cove on the right as we head out.
And more interesting rocks -- pyramids this time.

I work up my brave. And step foot ashore... climb THIS rocky bar. I do not see any with a quick scan,
but I raise my voice and tell Al we need to talk to the bears.

The babbling outlet for THIS lagoon.

Now we are back in 'our' cove, and we've come up to the large rock-strewn bar here. It looks like a long scrabble across mud and rocks, and I don't want to chance it in my boat shoes. Besides, we are very near where we SAW a bear the day before. Al wants to go explore, though, so I send the camera with him. And I stand in the dinghy and constantly scan the shoreline. Twice I call to Al -- yes, to call him back, but also to make noise for any bear that may be lurking in the woods.

And Al DID find bear tracks!

On our second morning, the bear were up early and so was I! I saw two different bear on our inlet, and two  across the way again. No good pictures, however, because it was so early and dark. We just enjoyed through binoculars.

A little later, this red tug Emma, lets go of the mooring buoy in our cove and heads to the other side. It looks almost like they are against the rocks, but this bear isn't frightened! (Zoomed all the way, and through the rain.)
We both agree that Viner Sound is one of our favorite stops. And it is one of the last places we hadn't visited yet. But it's been a month and we have another bare to worry about. No, I didn't misspell. It's a description of our cupboards, fridge and freezer. We need to move in the direction of town.

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