Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pearse Islands

In Portland summer begins with Memorial Day. In the San Juans they say it comes with the 4th of July. I guess in the Broughtons, it's mid August.

We've enjoyed sunny days in Sointula, and Alert Bay, and this is the view as we round Cormorant Island on our way to the Pearse Islands.

The large mountain on the left, the 'pokey mountain' is one of our favorites,
above Mackenzie Sound, it's Mt. Stephens.

Other than going to Port McNeill for provisions 3 different times, Sargeaunt Passage is the only place we have anchored more than once. Now we will add the Pearse Islands. It has been over two months since we've visited here.

And the sunshine makes a  BIG difference!

June 8
Aug 14. 

We worked to position the boat for optimal viewing through the passageways. With the clear weather this time, above we have framed Mt. Stephens in the opening. Below is the view down Johnstone Strait.

June 8

And facing west/northwest... back to the entrance.

June 8
Aug 14. 

We do have a bit of company here this time. When we drop anchor we are the only boat. But three more boats come in over the course of the afternoon. Each morning, two different local tour boats pass by. We saw them both at the dock in Alert Bay, and we wave at each other. 

High tide makes it easier to see the inukshuk.

Perfectly centered for a beautiful sunset.

And once the sunset show has slowed, we turn around for the moon rise show. The humidity is very low, so the sky is CLEAR and I get the best moon shots I've taken from the boat.

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