Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Turning Toward Home

While at the Pearse Islands, other than enjoying the sunshine, much of our time was spent in debating 'where do we go from here'. There was a good stretch of clear dry weather forecast. Did we want to take the time to go back up into the Broughton Archipelago and revisit a few places we had already been to, but this time hopefully in the sunshine? OR were we ready to begin a slow mosey homeward?

We decided we were emotionally ready to make the turn toward home. Though keep in mind, we had about 6 weeks before we needed to leave Canada.

We spent a few days in Beware Cove, watching bears. The ravens were strangely no longer screaming (http://mvvikingstar.blogspot.com/.../a-peaceful-morning.html). I speculated that perhaps they had been young ones, learning to call. Al read in one of the guide books that people anchored near the Indian villages have claimed to hear Dzunukwa. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzunukwa)

On our way through Beware Passage, Al called the patches of kelp 'Nature's ATONs' -- Aids TO Navigation.

Another abandoned Indian village - Karlukwees.
 We spent a few days in Potts Lagoon also, watching other boats come and go. Other than that we saw nothing new there. Until we left, and in Clio Channel there were two humpback whales, just floating near the surface. We saw an occasional exhale, or the peek of the dorsal fins, but other than that you wouldn't have know they were there. We suspect it was nap time, or a mother nursing a young one.

Here is some 'new water' for us.
The Blow Hole is a narrow, shallow passage between Minstrel Island and East Cracroft Island.

We had been to Minstrel Island on Memorial Day, just before heading out to go up Knight's Inlet. THIS time, I came off the boat to explore a bit with Al too.

Viking Star at the dock. There is a small adventure lodge on the point behind her, Sailcone Lodge.

A former resort and hotel are now in ruins.

Use the docks at your own risk. Al told me to 'follow the nails'. The nails are where the boards are nailed to a beam below, so theoretically it is more substantial there. It's a loooong way down to the water from this point.

Ooooooo, berries!!!

We made it to the beach. We were hoping to get around the point to where the gazebo used to sit, but the tide was coming in quickly, and our return would become blocked.

There is a large amount of glass on the beach. The kids would have a heyday here, though much of it is
'not baked enough' -- our code for 'too shiny'. 'Real' sea glass needs to be frosty, with sharp edges buffed smooth by the waves scrubbing the beach.

Cute Christmas trees

Maybe the listing has expired? Al searched this realtor's website and couldn't find it.

Getting some evening fishing done.

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