Monday, July 18, 2011

Completion of a Circle

How Romantic!  Riding a ferry to Seattle, through the fog....

Look!  There's the marina where I first found Viking Star!  No, not on the right where all the sailboats are.  There. Where the big sailboat and the trawler are...

It took eleven years to complete, but Viking Star has completed a circle.  When Al purchased her, he had it brought by water through the Puget Sound to Olympia, where it went by truck to Kalama, and was put into the Columbia River.  And if you have been following this blog for the past two weeks you know that we recently 'went down river and turned right', came down the Strait of Juan de Fuca, into the Puget Sound, and are now in Bainbridge Island, Viking Star's home before Al met her and fell in love.

Her homeport used to be Juneau Alaska, and hopefully we will be able to 'bring her home' there someday too.

But this morning, Al has work to do!  He is on the way to Chicago for business.  We set the alarm early, got some breakfast at the Pegasus coffee shop (EXCELLENT COFFEE!!!), and we walked to the ferry dock.  I decided that I would ride along and see him onto the train to Sea-Tac.  The train arrives as we get off the escalator, a hurried kiss, and he is on the way.

I have a mission!  I want to try on jeans, and I want to visit the Pike Place Market.  I found Macy's and happily paid for a pair of size 8 jeans!  I don't think I've been this small since before we were married!  (AND  I could actually zip a size 6, but it caused quite a bulge above the waistband......yet.)

LOL.  Let's celebrate with donuts!

Other sights:

There was a border of walrus gargoyles I found interesting 

The fog has burned off, and the sun has burned my face

I got my favorite drink at the Original Starbucks!

The Space Needle 

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