Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Viking Star Goes Flying!

First, drive into a narrow space.

Place straps strategically below the hull.

And lift gently.  Al and I were still aboard until we reached this point.  I NEVER thought I would leave Viking Star by climbing off the bow over the anchor, but that is what we did!

The lift continues.  Al anxiously watches his baby in her swing.

She is then driven forward onto the wash-down pad.

And the slime is washed away.

Then she is driven through the yard....

to our work station.

Blocks are placed beneath the keel.

And stands prop her up.

Ready for the work to begin!

High and dry

We hope to be finished by Friday, but Al has a few work calls lined up for the week also.  Since the boat yard folks don't work on the weekend, if we can't be in the water Friday afternoon, we will be staying until Monday.  

We decided not to stay on the boat while on the yard.  We would not be able to use the shower, toilet, or sink on the boat--quite inconvenient for living.  There is a little motel just a block away that has tv, microwave and coffeepot.  The fridge and freezer still run on our batteries, though we may be getting a power hook-up.  I don't know.

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