Friday, July 15, 2011

I'll Take Glossy

My favorite water is what I call 'glassy'. Absolutely flat, so that it reflects objects like a mirror.

If I can't have glassy, I will take 'glossy'.  Small undulations may be present, but the water is still smooth and shiny.  Glossy water means there is very little wind.

Yesterday on the way to Mystery Bay, Al and I shared two different views.  Turns out we were looking at opposite sides of the boat.

Here is my view:

I was thinking to myself 'Wow!' It's so light and soft looking, with the horizon blurred by fog, you can barely see the transition from water to sky.  We are floating!  This must be what Heaven is like!'

Just as I complete that thought, Al says 'Wow! It's so dark and ominous, it looks like a movie set and there should be scary music playing!'

I laughed, because it was SO completely the opposite of what I had been thinking. And then I saw that Al was looking to the other side of the boat, and I had to agree that what he said matched THAT view...

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