Monday, July 4, 2011

To Ilwaco

Our trip from Martin Slough yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Though we had planned to explore Westport Slough as a possible anchorage spot, when we arrived in the area, we could see the Wauna paper mill, upwind.  Though the odor from paper mills has improved over the last few years (new regulations?), we decided to call the marina at Cathlamet and see if they had room for us for the evening.  They did, and it was an enjoyable stay.  There was even an espresso shop at the top of the ramp.  We met the host couple and their dog, Puppy, who has been around for a few years.  We were warned that it would be noisy with fireworks, but honestly it wasn't too bad.  At dark we walked up for a better view of those being set off on Puget Island, alternating with some being lit nearby.  We heard no more after we went to bed just before 11.

We took our time with coffee, showers, and breakfast, but were back on the river around 10 AM.  We had planned to anchor in the lee of Tongue Point, but the day was beautiful, and reports of bar conditions were favorable, and it was only noon, so we decided to make the trip across the river to Ilwaco.  We have an appointment to have the boat pulled from the water there on Wednesday.  No emergency, just need a fresh coat of bottom paint before we head into the ocean.  We hope they may be able to accommodate an earlier lift since we made it here a day early.

At the Astoria Bridge we encountered increasing winds, and waves a solid 2 to 4 feet high.  The bar itself appeared to be the same, but we could see breakers off Clatsop Spit.  Then we turned north, and though the waves weren't any taller, now they were off our beam, causing us to roll more than the books on the table and the wine glasses on the shelf liked.  They all began to jump!  And I swept up  'break resistant' Titanium crystal pieces from the floor.  (I also lost a special mug, but that was totally MY fault.)

Those big ships can sure push a pile of water!

Saddle Mt

The City of Astoria on the hill to the left, with the Astoria Bridge on the right.

Al in his Captain's chair as we approach the Astoria Bridge

Entering the marina at Ilwaco

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